Answering to Mommy has been the norm for me for the last 2 decades….Welcome to 2016, year of the Grandmother. That’s right, I soon will take on the role of Grandma. How exactly does becoming a Grammy make me feel? Let’s explore.

Soon, I will mean the world to more than just my daughter. How amazing is that?!? Ten little fingers, ten little toes, looking at her Gram in awe. She loves me already!

Soon, I will be able to spoil my little princess and send her home to her mommy, Hershey bar in one hand, lollipop in the other. Operation Mamaw’s rotten baby commence!

Soon, I will be wiping the tears from 2 generations’ faces as Nana, the mediator. They will both depend on Granny to instill peace, security, and love. Which I will.

Soon, life as I know it will become just a little more complete. Fear, anxiety, pride and an overabundance of love are just a few of the emotions. That will be evident come spring. Soon, this Mimi will be just that….a Mimi.