In an ever changing world, it can be hard to find your place. I know it was for me, until I found Tri-State Trophies! When I was given the opportunity to work at Tri-State Trophies, I was thrilled! I was told that it was a brand new position with the company, sales support. It’s fantastic! I’m generally the first person people talk to when they call or come into the store. I love the fact that we can customize almost anything to meet our customer’s needs and wants, which is what we all strive for here! I’ve learned so much with the help of my co-workers; they are the key to my success. They’ve helped educate me on trophy and plaque selection and sales, along with dash plaques and car show products. It was all very overwhelming at first, but everyone has been so patient and understanding. I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with! We are definitely one big happy family here at Tri-State Trophies!